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These are a small collection of some photographs i have taken over the years. They are all shot on a 35mm Canon AE-1 Camera.

  • forms. on film

  • 35mm Double Exposure from Tate Modern / Gateway to London

  • birds of feather in brooklyn

  • 35mm double exposure experiment, tate modern and bennington field London UK

  • blurry daniel

  • 35 double exposure of big ben and river thames.

  • tahoe train tunnels. film

  • precambian. film.

  • wall walkers. 35mm double

  • cora

  • friends on film

  • forms in boston. on 35mm film

  • indian boy welds near hyperbad. on film

  • grain elevator hall buffalo ny. 35mm

  • east river from brooklyn. 35mm film