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This is a small sample collection of some of the Web related work i have done recently. If you are interested in enlisting my services please send me an email at Tallpyramids@gmail.com for any future considerations. I would love to help you with your project.

  • Swimcity.com – NYC private and group swimming lessons

  • Portland Bookkeeping company

  • GetaltX.com – for Imatchative Inc. SF based Hedge Fund Management Company

  • Simply Gum – Natural Chewing Gum Company

  • custom wordpress for imatchative.com

  • Spring Break Snowboards website

  • finaliner.com quick custom wordpress site for finaliner

  • theroadgallery.com

  • bozwreck.com

  • raftnyc.com

  • quick wordpress site for a friends business filmkiln

  • macfee design . com

  • Natural Born Elegance Resposive layout for Harlo

  • custom wordpress site for htes fashion.

  • Blog for justine macfee

  • The Central Eastside Lofts site can be viewed at Livingeastside.com

  • Wordpress website for a bar / restaurant in Oakland CA.

  • Columbia Riverwood website